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Infravenir Innovation - Third masterclass: “How to support and finance Innovation in the Infrastructure sector”
Du 14 juin 2021 à 19:00 au 14 juin 2021 à 20:30
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This year, Infravenir launched an unmissable program in Paris: Infravenir Innovation, including: 

  • Three masterclasses: to develop your entrepreneurial spirit and skills and learn from inspiring entrepreneurs, speakers and professionals; and
  • Infravenir Start-up Challenge (in September 2021): during three days, you will experience the start-up life: pitch ideas, form team, meet cofounders, investors and mentors.

 After a first masterclass where we had the chance to get inspired by the founders of Wintics, Sunmind, Backacia and Wello and a second one where we discussed the major innovation trends impacting the infrastructure sector with Beatrice Causse (PRO BTP Groupe), Ella Etienne-Denoy (Green Soluce), Laurent Chatelin (Eurazeo) and Michel Vanhaesbroucke (EDF) we will held our third masterclass on the 14th of June.

During this third event, we will have the opportunity to discuss how to support Innovation in the Infrastructure sector as we are entering the age of sustainable and smart infrastructures. 
We will have the honor to discuss with: 

  • Girish Nadkarni, CEO of @TotalEnergies Ventures; and 
  • Wade Bitaraf, Founder of @Plug and Play Energy & Sustainability

We are glad and really excited to share this adventure with you and are looking forward to help you make your ideas happen. 
To register to the program: 👉

Infravenir Team

Fermé !


Dates des ventes

8 juin 2021 à 15:00
14 juin 2021 à 20:00

Dates de l'événement

14 juin 2021 à 19:00
14 juin 2021 à 20:30

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