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Infravenir meet-up at the IPEM
Du 20 sept. 2022 à 08:00 au 22 sept. 2022 à 20:00
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As many of you will attend the IPEM this year, we will be very happy to catch up with you there.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you are attending the IPEM so that we can add you to a temporary WhatsApp group dedicated to the event. In the group, we will share tips, useful information related to the relevant events for us and organise informal meetups with you.

We look forward to catching up with you at the IPEM


Raphaël Schlesser & Kawtar Ziyat for the Infravenir Team.


Inscriptions clôturées


Dates des ventes

19 sept. 2022 à 00:00
22 sept. 2022 à 20:00

Dates de l'événement

20 sept. 2022 à 08:00
22 sept. 2022 à 20:00

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