Infravenir Innovation Challenge

This year, Infravenir is launching an unmissable program in Paris: Infravenir Innovation.

During 6 months, we will help you become an innovator, develop ideas and start projects related to the transformation of the infrastructure sector.

You will be able to take part in :

  • Several masterclasses : to develop your entrepreneurial spirit and skills and learn from inspiring entrepreneurs, speakers and professionals ; and
  • Infravenir Start-up challenge : during 3 days, you will experience the start-up life: pitch ideas, form team, meet cofounders, investors and mentors and launch your company.

Our first Masterclass will take place on the 23rd of February at 7pm. 

You will meet four successful entrepreneurs from Wintics, Sunmind, Backacia and Wello to get inspired, learn about their start-up and journey.

Here is a quick overview of these start-ups, do not hesitate to visit their web-sites.

Quentin Barenne - Wintics

Quentin Barenne - Wintics

"At Wintics, we strongly believe that A.I. can solve most of those issues and can therefore help cities’ operators build better cities."


Lucile HAMON - Backacia

"Backacia is a greentech start-up incubated at Station F whose objective is to transform construction waste into a real resource by facilitating the reuse of construction materials."

Maxime VARIN - SunMind

Maxime VARIN - SunMind

"SunMind is a project development and investment platform dedicated to the energy transition. Our ambition is to make access to solar technologies easier for clients, eliminating acquisition costs and technological risks."


Arnaud CHEREAU - Wello

Arnaud CHEREAU - Wello

"Compact, agile, efficient and ultra-connected, Wello is transforming the logistics flows of goods and the movements of citizens on a lasting basis."

We are glad and really excited to share this adventure with you and are looking forward to help you make your ideas happen. 

Équipe Infravenir 3 février 2021
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